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The President's Dream Ride: A Bolt Driver's Unforgettable Journey

Updated: Apr 30

Today, we're diving into the incredible story of Bukhosi Mathema, a dedicated Bolt driver whose journey behind the wheel took an unexpected turn when President Cyril Ramaphosa hailed his Bajaj for a ride. Strap in for a heartwarming tale of pride, perseverance, and the power of seizing opportunities.

Source: Daily Sun

For nearly seven years, Bukhosi has been cruising the streets of Gauteng as a Bolt driver, soaking in the city's sights and sounds while ferrying passengers to their destinations. Every day brings a new adventure, with Bukhosi starting his mornings with a quick prayer, a stash of sweets, and his trusty USB.

But one ordinary day in October 2023 turned into something extraordinary. Imagine Bukhosi's surprise when President Ramaphosa tapped on his car window, curious about his Bajaj ride. From questions about the vehicle's operation to inquiries about Bukhosi's earnings, the President's interest mirrored that of many first-time passengers. And despite the momentous occasion, Bukhosi remained cool as a cucumber, reassured by bodyguards and an escort vehicle.

Recalling this indelible ride, Bukhosi ranks it among his most treasured memories, alongside interactions with celebrities like Karabo Maseko and ordinary individuals with their own narratives. However, Bukhosi's path to becoming a Bolt driver was not without its hurdles. Like many, he confronted difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to his layoff from a trucking company. Driven by his commitment to his family, Bukhosi turned to Bolt driving, eventually finding his way to MyNextCar, where he managed to access a Bajaj Qute.

Looking ahead, Bukhosi dreams of expanding his fleet and empowering other drivers to achieve their goals. His story is a testament to the resilience and resourcefulness that define the South African entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring others to pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles.

Source: Daily Sun

So, the next time you hop into a Bolt ride, remember the incredible journey behind the wheel and the stories waiting to be shared. After all, people like Bukhosi make every ride an adventure worth remembering.


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