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Join the MNC community now to start your journey toward vehicle ownership and earning an income.

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Fleet Management Systems

We leverage state-of-the-art technology to streamline fleet management, ensuring optimal service delivery for our drivers and partners

How it started

Established in 2021, MNC stands as a proud South African enterprise fueled by a resolute mission: to confront a critical challenge faced by many job seekers—the scarcity of viable employment opportunities.

In partnership with the Department of Economic Development of Gauteng, we're proud to unveil the "Youth Accelerator Programme." This initiative extends our steadfast support to our fellow South Africans and our neighbours, ensuring access to vehicles and vehicle financing.


Trips done by our drivers

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Why Drive with us?

At mnc we promote equal access to car ownership and support individuals in the process to earn and income and improve their lives.

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“My Next car is the future, I got to see a different approach of the transport industry and I am for it as it does provide change to individuals... Big ups My Next Car..”

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  • How do I sign up if I don't have a Bolt profile?
    If you don't have a Bolt profile and would like to drive with MNC, you can visit the offices at 29 Bond Street, Randburg, and we will help you get set up with a Bolt profile.
  • Who do I call in the event of an accident?
    For Roadside assistance, call RTU/Oaksure Assist: 08611235663
  • Who is responsible if the car gets vandalised or stolen?
    Vandalism and other incidentals are covered by the MNC comprehensive insurance.
  • What support does MNC offer to drivers once they have signed the contact?
    MNC onboards the driver and provides a complete fleet solution to the driver so that the only item they need to focus on is driving and servicing passengers on the platform. MNCs provide drivers with constant training, mentoring, and coaching to help them stay on the road and maximise their earnings potential. We have a dedicated Driver Success team that provides these services. We also offer complete fleet management solutions for vehicles ranging from maintenance, servicing, and telematics, along with insurance and the vehicle's repair after an accident, which are covered by the weekly fee paid by the driver to MNC.

Frequently Asked Questions . . .

In our ongoing commitment to support our drivers,

we've compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to address common queries and concerns.

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Our mission is simple
yet profound . . .

To ignite transformative change in people's lives.

Our Industry News

From regulatory changes to technological innovations, we bring you insightful articles and analysis to help you navigate the evolving landscape of transportation.

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