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Connecting you to your next car

Our mission is simple yet profound...

To ignite transformative change in people's lives.

Join the MNC community now to start your journey toward vehicle ownership and earning an income. 


How it started...

Established in 2021, MNC stands as a proud South African enterprise, fueled by an unwavering mission: to confront a critical challenge faced by a significant number of job seekers—the scarcity of viable employment opportunities.

In partnership with the Department of Economic Development of Gauteng, we're proud to unveil the "Youth Accelerator Programme." This initiative extends our unwavering support not only to our fellow South Africans but also to our neighbours, ensuring access to vehicles and vehicle financing.

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Why Drive with us?

At mnc we promote equal access to car ownership and support individuals in the process to earn and income and improve their lives.

We created the most complete vehicle finance platform for mobility entrepreneurs using technology and productivity data.

Three easy
steps to apply
to drive-and-earn

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We are dedicated to cultivating positive,
life-changing transformations through compassion, growth, and inclusivity.
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Our empowerment initiatives

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Youth Accellerator Programme

We prioritize the empowerment of drivers from designated groups (women and youth)



Direct employment for 10 000 men and women in South Africa




We prioritize the empowerment

of drivers from designated groups (women and youth)



Drivers receive quality education and ongoing training.

Trips in MNC Cars


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What we do

Our business specializes in catering to e-hailing drivers by providing them with access to a wide range of vehicles suitable for their needs. In addition to offering a diverse selection of vehicles, we go beyond just rideshare solutions. We also serve as a comprehensive platform where drivers can conveniently access essential services such as motor parts and insurance.


Whether you're seeking the perfect car to drive or looking for quality motor parts and competitive insurance options, our platform is designed to meet all your e-hailing needs, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for drivers in the ever-evolving mobility landscape.

Need help?
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Telephone: 087 135 3800

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